My mechanic’s lien checklist

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  1. Copy of basic contract from client.
  2. Copy of supplemental documents from client.
  3. Date work completed (not including correction of complaints): _________________________________
  4. Do we have a copy of contractor’s notice to owner? ____________________________________
  5. Do we have the signed consent if residential?______________________________________
  6. Order letter report from title company._________________________________________
  7. Venue: (County where real estate is located):______________________________________
  8. If we are subcontractor, deadline for Notice of Lien. (Does it fall on Saturday or Sunday?): (At least 10 days before the lien is filed – deadline is 169 days after last work)___________________________________
  9. Deadline for filing Lien – 180 days after the last work. (Does it fall on Saturday or Sunday?____________
  10. Deadline for suit on Lien: 180 days after the lien is filed:_________________________________
  11. Is the defendant or any party a corporation, limited liability company or partnership? If so:

Registered Agent_______________________

Registered office:_______________________________________________________________________

12. Identify all parties with an interest, deeds of trust, or other mechanic’s liens on the property other than the owner?

13. We need a detailed accounting of labor, by date, time spent, cost and nature of the work, and detailed accounting of all materials (date, cost and nature).

14. Legal Description of realty:_____________________________________________________________

15. Notice Given: BY:____________________________________



Petition filed:__________________________________________

All deed of trust holders added:________________________________________________________

All other mechanic’s liens researched and added:__________________________________________

16. Serve Interrogatories, Request for Production of Documents, and Requests for Admissions.

17. Examine all other liens for any deficiencies to be challenged.

18. Schedule depositions?

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