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Commercial Representation in Chesterfield, MO

Commercial Representation in Chesterfield, MO

Running a business comes with several legal hurdles; no matter your industry or field. Let the Law Offices of Leonard Komen, P.C. assist you in navigating those obstacles with commercial representation in Chesterfield, MO, so you can run your business as effectively as possible. You should concentrate on what makes your business profitable and let your attorney and accountant take your legal and accounting issues off your plate. Our commercial lawyer serves the metropolitan St. Louis, MO area and surrounding counties. Contact us for more information.

Commercial Lawyer in Chesterfield, MO

General Business Guidance

You know how to run your business and service your customers, vendors,and clients to help you succeed, but do you have the time and training to navigate contractual documents and legal boundaries imposed by those you deal with, or need help protecting yourself with your own contract arrangements? From detailed contract review and drafting to securing asset protection, allow me to take those tasks off your desk so you can concentrate on what you do best. Some of those legal services:

Contract Guidance and Drafting | Commercial pitfalls | Tighter Receivables Management | Succession Planning | Mechanics Liens | General Guidance

Commercial Litigation

Using the court system, like surgery, should be a last resort. You need to be educated on the costs and delays of litigation before you decide that has to be your remedy. If your business gets involved in litigation with another business, your first goal is to optimize the cost of legal services and resolve the litigation in the most cost efficient means you can go on with business life as you know it. I have spent years navigating the back hallways of the courthouse to get my clients into and out of those buildings as cost efficiently as possible.

Commercial Collection

So you paid a firm to obtain a judgment against a reluctant debtor but have made no progress collecting that judgment except even more hourly fees? I have developed a systematic means of collecting judgments and discovery of assets to help. If you were not paid in the first place, then after the judgment you will appreciate that 100% collection is not a reality. But I have the resources to locate assets and compel the production of evidence that often leads to a better return on your Judgment - charging orders, attachments, depositions of the debtor's own business relationships and in some cases the appointment of a Receiver to take over their business affairs.